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Who is a Fertility Specialist?

A Fertility Specialist is a Reproductive Medicine Endocrinologist, a Physician who practices the Sub-Specialty branch of Obstetrics and Gynecology is called as Reproductive Medicine or Infertility Specialist. A qualified Fertility Specialist will have additional sub-specialization in Reproductive medicine after finishing Post-Graduation (PG) in Obstetrics and Gynecology (OBG). So ideal well qualified Fertility Specialist will have MBBS plus MD / MS (OG) plus Fellowship / DM / Mch.

Dr Rinke S Tiwari

Founder & Clinical Director
MBBS, MS (OBGY), FMAS (Laproscopy),
Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine (FRM) BACC – Milaan, Bangalore

Dr. Rinke is a highly trained fertility specialist, who constantly updates herself with latest practice guidelines from world- over and is mentored by some of the Clinical giants in infertility and Reproductive Medicine. She was one of the best outgoing Fellows from BACC. Her approach to Reproductive Medicine is evidence based and driven by protocols which is best in the Industry. Her passion to deliver good clinical outcomes to each and every patient has made her start her own venture with some like-minded people to bring in a fresh and scientific and human approach to overall Reproductive Medicine ecosystem. Driven by Passion towards Reproductive Medicine, Dr. Rinke has a keen focus on helping women to conceive, with a range of fertility treatment options, starting from natural pregnancy to world class advanced fertility treatment.


  • 2020 onwards : Founder and Clinical Director at Origin Fertility Clinic & Research Center.
  • 2019-2020– Consultant at Oasis Fertility Center, Gachibowli Branch, Hyderabad.
  • 2015-2018 –  Consultant at Continental Hospital (A Unit of Parkway Pantai Ltd, Singapore), Hyderabad.


  • 2018 – 2019-  FRM – (One year Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine) from Milaan Fertility Center, Bangalore under mentorship of Dr Kamini A Rao. India’s pioneer in the field of infertility.
  • 2017 –  Fellowship in Laproscopy – from World laproscopy Hospital Delhi.
  • 2011- M.S. (Obstretics and Gynecology) From SAIMS medical College, INDORE.
  • 2003- M.B.B.S. from RDGMC Medical College.

Dr. Rinke has keen interest in ovarian stimulation, PCOS, POR and recurrent implantation failure. She is involved in various National and International Research work to bring in some novel techniques in Reproductive Medicine.

Dr. Rinke has done extensive research on “Perinatal and obstetrics outcomes in donor egg IVF vs natural conception vs self-egg IVF. Which was widely appreciated in National and International conferences and was well received in the research circles.

Recently Attended the “ESHRE 38th Annual meet” ( ESHRE-European
Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology) for 4 days at Milan,

Dr. Rinke is known for honesty and integrity in her professional and personal life. She very popular with all the patients to go out of the way to douse any anxiety or doubts during the entire journey. She is one of the few Clinical professionals who chose Reproductive Medicine for the pure love & passion towards the subject and wants to make a mark for herself by giving her best to each and every patient. She truly believes in the “Journey of One Cycle One Family”. Its Dr. Rinke and Teams Pure Passion which is driving Origin Fertility to its ambitious journey.

Our Plans & Our Approach

Origin Fertility and Research Centre is a Brand-New initiative by a Group of like-minded Clinical and Technological professionals to make a difference in current Indian Reproductive ecosystem in India. The team has a clear focus to create India’s Fertility and Reproductive Medicine Institute in MESA Region. The First Project will be launched in Hyderabad which is India’s most Centrally located destination with beautiful connectivity across the globe and across India.

Origin Fertility and Research Centre will start 4 more Units by end of 2021 in India / Sri Lanka / Bangladesh / UAE. Also increase our depth of Clinical team and support system. The team is focused towards its mission of “Journey towards One Cycle One Family”. We believe in giving an unique and personalized experience to each and every customer, with our team on-board and technology which will keep every individual well informed and connected. Origin Virtual Network – is one such initiative which will keep all our customers ahead of time and ensures seamless information and stage by stage engagement to minimize gaps. Origin group of fertility specialists, scientist, embryologist, andrologist and counsellors whose collective experience, research, advanced scientific care and collaborative team approach work together to deliver excellent success rates of our patients. With evidence-based practice and investment of latest technologies, we give their best chance of a successful pregnancy. Our success rates are as good as the very best in the world, and certainly the best in the city.

Why Choose ORIGIN?

We understand issues a couple face dealing with infertility and It’s a major decision to select the right Specialist and the appropriate Centre to get the desired results. What Makes Origin Fertility a preferred choice for all our customers is due to the following reasons:

  • Ethical Practice: We firmly believe in Ethics of doing medical practice which ensures that we try and deliver the best to all our customers in any given circumstances. We are here to make science speak for our work.
  • Evidence Based: Fertility being a Clinical specialty with lot of dependency on Science and Protocol and EBM (Evidence based Medicine), we give importance to science and that too what is relevant to our community.
  • Origin Promise: We will NOT do anything which is unwanted or unindicated or unscientific.
  • Transparency: Our Treatment methodology is keeping YOU as our Universe, meaning which we will ensure we keep you abreast of each and every stage and process, by which ensure no ambiguity or confusion.
  • Origin Virtual Network (OVN) – Is a proprietary online system of Origin which ensure you are kept well informed during your journey with Origin. The AI enabled framework and understand your next steps with our team and do intelligent treatment planning and helping achieve our mission of “One Cycle One Family”.
  • Least Treatment: We understand the mental trauma of not having a child and we believe unnecessary treatment regimens makes it even difficult. We promise to offer the best option which can maximize your chance of having a child with minimum intervention. In IVF patients our aim is to give maximum chances of pregnancy in ONE IVF Cycle.

Our Team

  • Undergoing fertility treatment can be a difficult time so you want to know you have access to a team of professionals who will go above and beyond to support you, offering comprehensive emotional support programs.
  • A dedicated Fertility Specialist
    At Origin, every patient’s journey starts and ends with a dedicated fertility specialist. Having one doctor throughout treatment provides a solid base for you to rely on as you make important decisions at each stage of your fertility journey.
  • A Fertility Team
    Just like having your own doctor, having access to a team who is familiar with your journey with required confidentiality provides great comfort. You have a dedicated fertility care team comprising of Your fertility specialists, scientist, embryologist, andrologist, nurse and counsellors, all tailoring your treatment and communicating with one another directly to ensure you receive a comprehensive supportive and personalized acre.
  • Emotional support and counselling- Counsellor
    Origin patients undergoing treatment are offered a free counselling service at no cost, through our specially trained fertility counsellors. Our counsellors offer a highly supportive environment while going through treatment.



Our Technology

Ensuring you have access to leading technology is key when considering IVF treatment. Protecting your embryos, sperms and eggs in optimal media, best quality incubator and IVF laboratory offering consistency in freezing results and allowing embryos to grow in the most ideal environment all maximize the potential for you to have a baby in the least number of cycles possible. At Origin Fertility we will ensure you get the desired outcome at the earliest. We have stringent quality measure backed by state-of-the-art Tech platform to deliver world class clinical outcome.

Our Tech Framework

  • Origin Fertility Management System (O-FMS):
    Is the next generation IT solution which is the backbone of our robust IT framework which ensure utmost patient confidentiality and seamless integration of all departments and diagnostic services.
  • Origin Virtual Network (AI Enabled Patient engagement Platform)


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  • There are many people who contribute to your care while you are in hospital. Numerous people and services work together to provide you with successful treatment in a hospital, from medical assessments and daily treatment to medication and catering. Extremely...

    Mobis Hyundai

  • Primary infertility and IVF treatment. When a couple is already under pressure trying for kids, it’s always a blessing to have a doctor who can guide us in the right way. Dr. Rinki Tiwari has been a blessing to us....

    Madhuri Yadav

  • We met Dr. Rinke for consultation as I had a history of PCOS and endometriosis. What we liked was she was very thorough and clear in explaining the need for different tests, medicines and the treatment path that would work...

    Madhavi Sane


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