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    What is PCOS ?

    PCOS is the most common endocrinopathy affecting reproductive aged women. The incidence varies from 8- 10 %. PCOS accounting for 80-90 percent of women suffering from menstural order. It is well recognized that PCOS is not necessarily a disease but rather a cluster of features that may lead to various disease such as Infertility, diabetes mellitus and metabolic syndrome.

    What are the Symptoms of PCOS ?

    • Infertility are seen in 74 % of PCOS women.
    • Menstural disturbance (Irregular menses, absence of menses ) are seen in about 60-85 % of PCOS women. Abnormal uterine bleeding that is erratic, inconsistent in duration and amount of flow.
    • Obesity are seen in 50-76 % of PCOS women. Most important fact is that, PCOS doesn’t lead to obesity, indeed obesity amplifies the clinical severity of PCOS, thereby increasing the risk of metabolic dysfunction.
    • 20 % of PCOS women can be asymptomatic.
    • Excessive growth of thick facial and body hairs.
    • Acne.
    • Diffuse hair loss.
    • Areas of dark pigmentation.

    PCOS and Infertility

    • Infertility are seen in 74 % of PCOS women. Hormonal imabalance is the main culprit in PCOS. Male hormones are present in low levels in all women, but those with PCOS often have excessive levels in their blood. This can be associated with a lack of ovulation. (stopping eggs from being released to meet with the sperm and form an embryo).
    • In some women due to persistent high LH hormone, PCOS can affect egg quality also.
    • Insulin resistance is another important hormonal imabalance.

    Treatment of PCOS

    • Many women with PCOS conceive naturally, successfully managing the syndrome by making changes to diet and exercise routines.
    • If you know or suspect that you have PCOS, consulting a fertility specialist is highly recommended.
    • Weight loss should be first priority for women who are overweight.
    • For those who are in healthy weight range but not ovulating, fertility drug like letrozole, clomiphene citrate and gonadotropins injections may help.
    • Oral contraceptive pills doesn’t cure PCOS. The pill can correct the hormonal imbalance of PCOS, but usually symptoms will come back once you cease the pill.
    • Few patients required surgical treatment like laproscopic ovarian drilling.
    • For those struggling to conceive, there are a range of fertility treatments that can support conception if required.

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